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Who we are.

We Are Classified. Founded in 2021. With an Expert Panel of Developers, we will engineer your website and tailor it to your desires. From beginning to finalization, We will mask your worries of development and master the style of your business through our team. Expand with Classified and you won't be left empty handed. Let us work for You.

  • Professionalism

  • Communication

  • Friendly design

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Website Development

From start to finish, beautiful and responsive websites can be made tailored to your needs.

Logo and Graphics design

Custom designed Logos and graphics to make your business pop

Booking / Ordering systems

Whether is a Resturant, Take-away or maybe even a meeting manager, we can create you a custom designed system to control it all.

Social media management & marketing

Don’t like keeping up with the socials constantly? Classified will master this class of work for you. We will manage your businesses/social media accounts and post the best content and reach the right audience.

About our developers


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Years of experience


Team Members



NFT / Art Project


Decentralised Finance Project

Nation of nowhere

Fashion brand

Smart wayz

Property investment


Architecture company

We build solutions for your business, Compatible on pc and mobile .

What we make

e-commerce / shopping websites

Trying to sell something online but don't have a website? Our developers can create you an astonishing website and help sales for your company

  • Hit the online audience

    target a wider audience with an e-commerce website

  • grow sales

    be in charge of your sales

booking / ordering websites.

Elegant websites made for your resturant or takeaway to order food or book a table, this includes any kind of business that needs an ordering or booking system

  • Know when to be prepared

    Let the customer book a date and time and you just sit back and relax

  • Ordering without any hassle

    Food orders or reservations can be made without wasting time at the counter

Information websites / Business site.

A startup business without a website is as good as dead, to reach the most people possible let us create you a website that will reach all corners of the world

  • Tailored to you

    Whether it's an Architecture buisness or a property investment or whatever the case is, we can make it

  • All your content in one place

    Everything you want displayed in one click

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